United Shield Announces The Launch of A New Bolt Free Ballistic Helmet.

The Bolt Free Ballistic Helmet is the latest development in United Shield’s helmet range. The style of helmets currently available include the PASGT, MICH, SPEC OPS DELTA and SPRINT models; with further development a Bolt Free option will soon be available across our entire range.

  • Bolt Free Ballistic Helmet
  • Bolt Free Ballistic Helmet

Bolt Free technology allows us to achieve an uninterrupted surface finish, which completely eliminates the risk of secondary projectile impact from Screws, bolts and such like. Bolt Free also gives a much more consistent and reliable deformation result from shooting tests; this is due to having no weak points on the helmet that are caused by screws and bolts.

As United Shield’s Deputy MD/Technical Director Alan Hudson, explained:
"The Bolt Free Ballistic Helmet is a project which was created in our minds many years ago. Unfortunately, technology available then did not allow us to create a product that meets all our requirements.The most important thing for us, as always, is the safety and comfort of the users; therefore, following extensive research and development, we can now offer a fully tested/certified, high quality product."

Bolt Free Ballistic Helmets are independently tested and certified, and are manufactured in accordance to meet the NIJ Level IIIA and STANAG 2920 standards.

United Shield is an ISO9001 and ISO14001 registered company demonstrating our commitment to quality and the environment.

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