Ballistic Accessories

In addition to its four main personal ballistic protection product areas of ballistic helmets, ballistic shields, body armour vests and hard armour plates, United Shield also designs and manufactures a range of ballistic accessory products, which are designed to compliment and be used alongside its core products.

  • Ballistic Clipboard

    Ballistic ClipboardThe United Shield ballistic clipboard is a long established, discreet and under stated product, which is ideal for use by police officers requiring ballistic, anti-fragmentation, and ant-stab protection when involved in traffic operations. It is low profile, compact and lightweight, weighing less than 1.5kgs (< 3.3 lbs.), making it easy to stow in vehicles, and to deploy and use when required. The compact design provides a balance between the area of protection, and the appearance of a normal clipboard. It is available with either a soft or rigid handle.
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  • Ballistic Blanket

    Ballistic BlanketThe United Shield ballistic blanket has been designed to provide a portable, flexible, lightweight, compact and multi-purpose means of ballistic protection. It has a number of loops around its perimeter, enabling it to be hung from objects, such as fences, when protection is required. Magnets mean that it can also be rested against cars, vans and other metal objects. It can be folded for storage and has handles for ease of transportation and deployment. The blanket is made from a high tenacity, tough and durable waterproof outer cover of polyurethane coated nylon, which protects the soft armour within.
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  • Ballistic Briefcase

    Ballistic BriefcaseThe United Shield ballistic briefcase is a discreet rapid deployment close protection device, with a non threatening appearance, which is ideal for use by VIP close protection officers. It is low profile, lightweight and compact, making it easy to stow in vehicles, and to carry anywhere during escort duties. The design of the briefcase allows single handed and rapid deployment when required to provide a sizeable first line of effective ballistic and fragmentation defence and protection. The three part briefcase is constructed from heavy duty black ballistic nylon and unfolds quickly to provide around 1,000 x 500 mm (40"x 20") of localised protection.
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