Ballistic Clipboard

The United Shield ballistic clipboard is a long established, discreet and under stated product, which is ideal for use by police officers requiring ballistic, anti-fragmentation, and ant-stab protection when involved in traffic operations. It is low profile, compact and lightweight, weighing less than 1.5kgs (< 3.3 lbs.), making it easy to stow in vehicles, and to deploy and use when required. The compact design provides a balance between the area of protection, and the appearance of a normal clipboard. It is available with either a soft or rigid handle.

  • Ballistic Clipboard

Armour Solution

A variety of armour solutions can be offered. Standard protection is to US NIJ Level IIIA, as well as many European National Standards.


The face of United Shield's standard ballistic clipboard is covered in ballistic nylon pre preg and painted black, but it is available in other colours and special finishes by special order.


Standard size ballistic clipboards are 410mm x 310mm (16" x 12").

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