Ballistic Shields

The United Shield range of ballistic shields incorporates the latest high performance materials technology and versatile handle systems that have been ergonomically developed over a number of years. They are available in a range of standard and bespoke sizes, and in a number of different protection levels. The shields are manoeuverable, lightweight and ergonomically designed to ensure maximum protection for operators in all tactical situations. Their multifunctional handles enable the shields to be used by both left and right handed people, and can also incorporate two additional handles to allow them to be held with the forearm vertically. The handles are robust, and collapsible for ease of use and storage, or fixed, depending on customers requirements.

  • IIIA Shield

    Ballistic Shields NIJ Level IIIAThe United Shield NIJ Level IIIA HMLP ballistic shields incorporate the latest materials, technology and lightweight design to provide multi-hit capability. They provide tactical specialists with resistance to ballistic and fragmentation threats, and are avaliable in a variety of sizes ranging from micra to grande.
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  • Spartan IIIA Shield

    SPARTAN (Lightweight) NIJ IIIASpartan Shields utilise intelligent material concepts which enable us to build this new range 20% lighter with wall thickness reduced by 38%, when compared to traditional shield constructions. The shields are finished with a carbon cover which provides further stability and gives a unique look to this 'top of the range' product.
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  • Level III+ Shield

    Level III+ Shield and Quad TrolleyThe Level III+ shield with trolley is a new development from United Shield which has addressed the need to provide a robust, stable and highly manoeuvrable shield platform for shield deployment whilst at the same time enabling rapid dismounting from the platform for hand held operations.
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  • Lightweight III+ Shield

    7.62x39mm MSC (AK47) NIJ III+ (Lightweight)Our latest shield development utilizes a new material concept which allows us to introduce our higher level shield range now with a much improved performance.
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  • Level IV Shield

    Level IV Shield and Quad Trolleyhe United Shield level IV ballistic shield is a mobile, high protection shield providing muti strke protection from armour piercing rounds and all lesser threats. Standard and bespoke sizing are available. The trolley provides a stable highly manouverable platform capable of smooth conering, and rough terrain movement.
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  • ERT Shield

    Special Ballistic ShieldsThe United Shield range of Special Ballistic Shields, designed in conjuction with UK and US Firearms Units.
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