United Shield International located on the Walworth Business Park in Andover has been awarded the prestigious Polish Defence prize, the DEFENDER AWARD 2014
The DEFENDER AWARD is given by the Polish Defence Minister to the most exciting and novel products for 2014. From 76 new product nominations the United Shield TITANIA LIGHTWEIGHT BOMB SUIT was among 12 successful new products.

  • DEFENDER Award
  • DEFENDER Award

Mr Czeslaw Mroczek, the Secretary of state for the Ministry of National Defence, referring to the winners of the award commented…………"Some of them are already in military use in Poland. I hope to see the other award winners from this year join them."

United Shield manufacturers a range of bomb disposal and mine clearance garments for EOD Technicians and Mine clearance operations. The company’s products are in service across the globe from the USA to Chile and from Japan to Australia

Terry Hand, Managing Director of United Shield commented: "This award is a great tribute to the design and manufacturing team in our factory in Andover. It validates our position as one of the main producers of bomb Suits in the world and is further confirmation of our technical skills in this market sector"

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