United Shield Announces The Launch of A New DOG Ballistic Shield.

We are pleased to present and launch our new ‘Dog’ Ballistic Shield. The shield is born from the requirement to protect the user from bullets as well as an aggressive animal.

  • DOG Ballistic Shield
  • DOG Ballistic Shield

The shield carries an extra faceplate which, on activation, produces a charge of 40,000 volts, creating impressive sparks between the electrodes as well as an audible crack, enough to deter any attacker using non lethal force. Safety features are in place to ensure the user remains unharmed and that activation can only take place when the special key is in attached.

The ballistic element of the shield sits behind the electric faceplate and remains in line with our normal standards and quality, so the user can remain confident of its ability when in the line of fire.

If you would like to have more information on this product, please contact the sales team by email: sales@unitedshield.com or call into the office +44 (0) 1264 363606.

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