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United Shield's management team have more than seventy five years combined experience and expertise in the design, manufacture and supply of EOD and IEDD equipment and programmes, and close relationships with all the leading manufacturers in the industry, making the Company uniquely well placed to satisfy customers requirements. We work closely with our customers to ensure that appropriate products to suit their budgets and requirements are specified and sourced, supplied, installed, and supported during their through life. At the heart of every EOD programme is a bomb suit. United Shield is the designer and manufacturer of the Olympia bomb suit, one of the leading bomb suits in the world. Thanks to a progressive policy of research and development, the Olympia bomb suit is continuously being developed and improved, to ensure that it maintains its position at the leading edge of technology and in the premier league of bomb suits.

  • Olympia Bomb Suit

    Olympia Bomb SuitThe Olympia bomb suit is United Shield's latest and most advanced design of bomb suit. It is a complete EOD/IED ensemble and provides the highest levels of protection from the four main threats encountered by EOD/IED operators of fragmentation, overpressure, impact and heat. The suit is constructed from certified flame retardant material, such as Nomex® Delta T, and this material can also used to cover the ballistic helmet, providing optimal protection for EOD/IED operators from the flammability associated with blasts from explosive devices.
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  • Bomb Suppression Blanket

    Bomb Suppression Blanket and Safety CircleThe United Shield bomb suppression blanket and safety circle has been designed to provide a portable, flexible, lightweight and compact means of protection from EOD and IEDD devices. It is tough and durable, manufactured from multiple layers of treated Kevlar ballistic fabric and sewn into a Fire retardant and Water Repellent outer cover. It can be quickly and easily folded for storage, while webbing carry handles make for ease of transportation and rapid deployment.
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  • Franconia - Mine Clearance and EOD Search Suit

    Franconia - Mine Clearance and EOD Search SuitFranconia mine clearance and eod search suits are extremely versatile and comfortable, and are designed to be worn by personnel who have to look for EOD/IED devices and anti personnel mines. They come in two basic designs: Mine Clearance Jacket (MCJ) and Mine Clearance Apron (MCA), and are designed in a modular fashion to allow different elements to be worn depending on the task being undertaken.
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  • Mine Clearance and EOD Shield

    Mine Clearance and EOD ShieldThe United Shield mine clearance and EOD shield is a unique and invaluable shield, which has been specifically designed for mine clearance and EOD work. It is designed to be used by operatives requiring protection from small anti personnel mines during mine clearance operations and EOD operatives in support of EOD technicans.
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  • Arcadia - Mine Clearance Vest

    Arcadia - Mine Clearance VestArcadia Mine Clearance Vest is a lightweight demining vest which has been designed to provide maximum comfort and excellent frontal protection of the upper body and shoulders for deminers against blast type anti-personnel mines.
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  • Silesia Advanced Search Suit

    Silesia Advanced Search SuitSilesia is United Shield_s latest and most advanced search suit. It is designed to be worn by EOD/IED technicians to provide the optimum balance between protection and mobility and was developed in close collaboration with leading bomb disposal teams.
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