FV - Female Vest

For concealed vests three style options are available C10, C11 and C20, and for overt vests there are two style options: P10 and P20 vests. Materials performance and construction are identical to male vests.

  • FV - Female Vest
  • FV - Female Vest

Armour Solution

A wide variety of armour solutions can be offered. Standard solutions include US NIJ Standards level II and IIIA, as well as many European National Standards. The designs can also be used for combination ballistic and anti stab or stand alone anti-stab protection. Specially formed female hard armour plates are offered for improved profile and comfort.


A full size range is available from S to XXL (front length 260mm-360mm (10.2" - 14.2") with bust options 850mm-1070mm (33.5" - 42.1").


Standard colours are white, black, navy blue and olive drab.

Optional Extras

These vests may be offered with a gap, butt join or overlapping at the sides.

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