7.62x39mm MSC (AK47) NIJ III+ (Lightweight)

Our latest shield development utilizes a new material concept which allows us to introduce our higher level shield range now with a much improved performance.
Weight has been reduced by 30% with wall thickness reduced by 25%. We have also developed this technology with boltless designs meaning there are no weak points on the shield. The quality and ballistic protection remains unchanged.
All of the improvements lead to a much more user friendly product providing unmatched protection and confidence when in the line of fire.
We have developed this technology with our West-Yorks, Kent and RRS shield to date however, the technology is transferable through the entire range and bespoke ops are welcomed. Please contact the sales team for further information.

  • RRS Shield
  • RRS Shield
  • Spartan West York
  • Spartan West York with Upgrade Panel

Armour Solution

The shields are tested to NIJ Level III+ and were developed primarily to protect against the 7.62x39mm MSC (AK47) round but, other protection standards/levels are available on request.


The five standard sizes are detailed below:

West York         450mm x 750mm     5.6kg
Kent                  550mm x 800mm     7.1kg
RRS                  780mm x 540mm     7.0kg

Bespoke sizes are available to suit customers requirements.

Colour and Finishes

The standard colour is black cloth covered, camouflage etc may be requested.


Standard options can include multiple handle configurations, straps, Velcro, bespoke cut-outs, carry bag and lighting systems.

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