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  • Picatinny Rail Visor (PRV)

    We are pleased to present and launch our New Picatinny Rail Visor (PRV).
    The USI Picatinny Rail Visor has been designed to allow easy adaption to any modern warfare helmet which has Picatinny rails.

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  • Plate Carrier

    We are pleased to present and launch our New Plate Carrier Vests.
    The special forces plate carriers were designed considering the modern battlefield demands and on-going changing requirements in the field.

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  • Everyday Spartan

    We are pleased to present and launch our new personal protection product, Everyday Spartan.
    Everyday Spartan panel is designed to fit into any type of bag or holdall such as, rucksacks briefcases, satchels, cabin bags, hold bags, sports bags, bike back-boxes and many more... the list is endless!

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  • DOG Ballistic Shield

    We are pleased to present and launch our new Dog Ballistic Shield.
    The shield is born from the requirement to protect the user from bullets as well as an aggressive animal.
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  • United Shield International Records Saves #3...

    United Shield International Records Saves #3...
    On 1-23-16 we used the shield in an attempt to serve a warrant. Deputies from the Emergency Services Team took fire at the doorway while making entry. The shield successfully absorbed 2 of the 6 rounds fired at that time, saving the lives of the first deputies in the door.
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  • RRS Level III+ Shield

    United Shield announces the launch of Brand New! Lightweight Shields Level III+ (7.62x39mm).
    We are pleased to announce that after much development we are now able to launch our latest shield range. Utilising a new material concept allows us to introduce our higher level shields boasting a much improved performance.
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  • Adrian Shapter

    United Shield is delighted to announce the appointment of Mr Adrian Shapter as Sales Manager - Europe.
    Adrian is a Mathematics Graduate who joins us following several years in the banking sector. He brings significant financial management and commercial skills to the company and is an important addition to the existing management team. Adrian will initially take over responsibility for our European markets and will focus upon improving customer service, sales and marketing and distributor development.
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  • Defender Award

    United Shield has been awarded the prestigious Polish Defence prize, the DEFENDER AWARD 2014
    The DEFENDER AWARD is given by the Polish Defence Minister to the most exciting and novel products for 2014. From 76 new product nominations the United Shield TITANIA LIGHTWEIGHT BOMB SUIT was among 12 successful new products.
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