SPARTAN (Lightweight) NIJ IIIA

Spartan Shields utilise intelligent material concepts which enable us to build this new range 20% lighter with wall thickness reduced by 38%, when compared to traditional shield constructions. The shields are finished with a carbon cover which provides further stability and gives a unique look to this 'top of the range' product.
The quality and ballistic performance remains unchanged. To date, we have developed this technology with our West-Yorks, Kent, ERT and RRS shields, which are listed below with equivalent weights and sizes. We are also able to produce this shield to other sizes/designs, please contact the Sales Team for further information.

  • Spartan ERT
  • Spartan Kent
  • Spartan West York
  • Spartan RRS Shield
  • Spartan West York with Upgrade Panel

Armour Solution

The shields have a standard ballistic protection of NIJ Level IIIA, but other protection levels are available on request.


The five standard sizes are detailed below:

West York         450mm x 750mm      2.4kg
Kent                  550mm x 800mm     3.4kg
ERT                  610mm x 914mm     5.7kg
RRS                  780mm x 540mm     3.8kg

Bespoke sizes are available to suit customers requirements.


These shields come in a carbon finish as standard. Bespoke colours are available on request.


Upgrade options are available for these shields increasing protection levels up to NIJ Level III++. Lighting systems can be factory fitted or retro fitted. A carry bag can also be purchased for each shield size. Further options include rigid handles, cut out weapon rests and multiple harnesses..

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