T40 - Tactical Full Coverage Vest

The United Shield Tactical Full Coverage Vest is of proven design and provides full protection to the front and sides. The vest is constructed from P/U coated polyester. It has extensive Molle webbing to enable the fitting of bespoke pouches and pockets.

  • T40 - Tactical Full Coverage Vest
  • T40 - Tactical Full Coverage Vest

Armour Solution

A wide variety of armour solutions can be accommodated by this vest. Standard solutions include US NIJ Standards Level IIA, II, IIIA, III and IV, as well as most European National Standards.


A full range of sizes is available from XS to XXL.


Standard colours are navy blue, black and olive drab, other colours are available on request.

Optional Extras

The T40 vest is also offered with a groin protector or collar. Special fabrics may be requested.

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